None of our work would be possible without the support we receive from our generous funders past and present. Currently, our work receives funding from:

Worldwide Cancer Research (WWCR)

Microenvironmental containment of tumours through paracrine secretion (2023-2025)
We discovered that mammary gland adipocytes secrete a potent anti-invasive cue, insulin-like growth factor binding protein 2 (IGFBP2), which efficiently blocks triple-negative breast cancer cell invasion in vitro and in vivo. In this project, we aim to uncover the molecular pathways underpinning IGFBP2 anti-invasive activity in the mammary gland.

Jane Ja Aatos Erkon Säätiö

Cancer metastasis – new biological paradigms as drug targets (2023 – 2027)
In this project, we aim to explore the mechanisms of cancer-cell intravasation and extravasation.

Juseslius Foundation

Scaffolding Oncogenic Signaling – identification of clinically relevant signaling integrators (2023-2026)
Recently, we uncovered a scaffolding protein as a key regulator of oncogenic KRAS signaling in PDAC with important clinical implications. Now, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of its function in NSCLC and CRC and assess its role beyond KRAS.

The Academy of Finland

BarrierForce Centre of Excellence - Biological Barrier Mechanics and Disease: From molecular-scale to tissue-level understanding of signal integration and forces (2022-2029)
Research Project - Adhesion dynamics and mechanobiological pathways as determinants of oncogenic properties (2019-2023)

Cancer Society of Finland

Receptor sorting and cytoskeletal regulation in breast cancer (2020-2023)

Other partners
The Finnish Cancer Institute
The European Research Council
European Molecular Biology Organization
Marie Curie Actions