Successful establishment of a new Center of Excellence from Academy of Finland !

Ivaska Lab looking forward to exciting 8 years with the BarrierForce Center of Excellence. The CoE, directed by Johanna Ivaska, was selected as one of the new Aacdemy of Finland Centers of Excellence. The Academy of Finland selected eleven Centres of Excellence (CoE) for the period 2022‒2029.
The call for Finnish Centres of Excellence attracted a total of 184 letters of intent. Of these, 34 applications were invited to the second call stage. The full applications were reviewed by international expert panels. The reviewers also interviewed representatives of the research teams invited to the second stage. In selecting the CoEs for the new programme, focus was placed on the international review, the interviews and the objectives of the programme. The decision-makers in particular examined that the research team applying for CoE status conducts excellent science and breakthrough research and contributes to scientific renewal. To find out more please visit the dedicated website !

Mathilde is joining the lab !

Mathilde has joined us as a postdoc from Institut Curie, FR. She is leaving the world of extracellular vesicules to study biomechanics ! How intense ?!
Mathilde arrived in Turku during winter time, when there was snow everywhere and ice on the ground. It required a few days to adapt and not fall sliping on ice on the way to the lab ! Warm Welcome !